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Role-playing – am I enough for her?

Sex with my wife of 3 years has always been and continues to be hot and exciting. She keeps it fresh and interesting and is really into role playing. Sometimes I worry that the reason she is always changing it up in the bedroom is because I am not enough for her. – Anonymous You […]

Why Is She So Fine All of the Time?

I am the luckiest man ever. I have a drop dead gorgeous girlfriend who is attentive, understanding, trusting, and loving. She encourages me to spend time with my guy friends, she is never disappointed or let down by me or anyone else. No matter what I do or do not do it seems that she […]

Is Cybersex Cheating?

I like cybersex; am I cheating on my girlfriend? – Anonymous Having a virtual experience cannot take the place of the real thing. In many ways it can actually enhance the sexual experience that you are having with your girlfriend. The more important question is, how do you feel about having cybersex? If it feels […]