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Totally Devastated

I caught my wife cheating on me last Valentine’s Day and we are now divorced. I threw myself into my job and thought that I had put it all behind me. As the February 14th holiday approaches I am obsessed with the details of that day that I found them together. I cannot stop myself […]

How Can I Kick This Habit

I sometimes experiences a withdrawal-like feeling when I haven’t spoken to certain people in a few days. Sometimes it can be one or two days, sometimes more. It feels like what I experienced when I quit cigarette smoking many years ago. My nicotine fix was obviously a sort of drug-dependency. So what about this need to verbally connect […]

Am I Going Crazy?

My wife, the love of my life died 2 years ago in a car accident. We worked together, played together and her breath was my breath. I cannot mourn for her because I can still feel her, smell her, hear her. My friends and family are very concerned about me and think that I am […]

Shocked And Ashamed

I am shocked.  I feel ashamed.  I am well known in a popular industry and stunned to find that my son, a “hunk” in another big medium, got fully unclothed and aroused on a well-watched show.  By all appearances there was no stand-in person.  I want nothing to do with my son, the show, and […]

Open Marriage

What are your views on open marriage? Polyamory (from Greek πολύ [poly, meaning many or several] and Latin amor [love]) is the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. If this is what you mean by an open marriage then I believe that it is quite possible to have […]

Losing Myself

I am really on top of my game when it comes to taking care of myself, as long as I am not in any kind of intimate relationship. As soon as I get involved with someone that I care about I seem to lose myself and focus all of my attention on the other person […]

Missing Someone?

Sometimes if you haven’t seen or spoken to someone, you think of them and “miss” them.  Sometimes that missing can be a reminder of how much fun you have with them.  Sometimes that missing can feel painful. So, what is this “missing” really about?   I think it natural to want to be with someone you […]

My 15 Year Old Daughter

My 15 year old daughter is bright, beautiful and has a good head on her shoulders. The group of friends that she is running with these days are all beginning to experiment with marijuana. I totally trust her but am wondering if I should talk to her and if so what should I say? How […]

Moment Of Truth

I have run out of reasons to stay in my marriage of 18 years. Our daughter leaves for college in the fall and this is the “moment of truth” for me. The funny thing is that I thought that this opportunity I have been focusing on for so long would feel different- more exciting, and […]

All Consumed?

I am consumed with a women that does not even know that I exist. We work together in the same large office and I spend a fair amount of time finding any excuse possible to pass by her desk on the way to the break room which is also on the way to the bathroom […]

Trusted Employee And Friend

I have a longstanding, trusted employee of nearly two decades who gave their termination notice, less than a few days before leave.  My employee is a friend, as well.  Maybe I should say, was.  Our families get together for small and large celebrations.  We do fun things together.  Over what I guess is a long […]

My Past

I have come a million miles from the sexually, physically and emotionally abusive home that I was raised in. I have severed all ties with both of my parents, have moved to a different state and have spent many, many years finding me again. The last long term relationship that I was in was for […]

Spicing Up My Sex Life?

What are some fun ways to spice things up in my sex life? It all begins in our minds. When we are able to put our other thoughts and worries away and allow ourselves to engage in the pleasure of thinking about sex, talking about sex, fantasying about sex we can then begin to reconnect […]

Making This More Comfortable for Me?

I love my new apartment!   It’s gorgeous, bright, airy, and spacious.   My roommate seems nice enough, but never talks.   If she does, it’s two word answers or just very matter of fact and short.   When we have to communicate over e-mail, she gives the briefest of responses.I’m not sure if she’s moody, curt, or just […]

New Year’s Eve?

I am a 25 year old professional in the financial world. I work hard and party even harder. I go out most weekends with girlfriends to clubs and bars and just let loose, literally. It is not unusual for me to wake up in a mans bed who I met that evening. My M. O. […]