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What A 2 Faced Bitch

My boss calls me into her office at least once a month to tell me what a nice job that I am doing. She then goes on a 5 minute rampage about my two co-workers beginning with how they dress, speak and finally venting her feelings about their overall incompetence.You would never know that she […]

Abundantly Clear

I have been intimately involved with a married man for 3 years. His wife has MS and from the beginning of our sexual relationship he made his position abundantly clear to me. He loves her and will never leave her. I went into this relationship with my eyes wide open but I believe that I […]

Sexual Pleasure

When is sexual pleasure with multiple partners considered to be promiscuity The definition of the word promiscuous as well as the inference implies that of someone whom is indiscriminate, casual and somehow haphazard or irresponsible. The judgement within this adjective is completely contrary to the word and meaning of pleasure. We can certainly choose to […]

Not Feeling Confident & Sexy

I have been 60 lbs over weight for most of my adult life. Last year on my 37th birthday at the strong suggestion of my MD I began a diet and exercise program and have lost almost all of the weight. My friends and family told me that I was going to have more confidence […]

Taking Their Own Life

Why would someone who has everything, a loving family, financial stability and more friends then god take their own life? It is one of the most difficult things for the people who have been left behind to wrap their minds and hearts around. I believe that each and every one of us come into this […]

My 10 Year Old Daughter

My daughter is 10 years old, in fifth grade and is very much her own person. She does not appear interested in what the ”popular girls” are wearing or what they are doing socially on the weekends. She floats in and out of different groups without a best or close friend and seems very happy […]

So Now What

My father beat my mother daily and when I turned 13 I stepped in and called the police. We moved away from my father that year and have not seen him since. I am now 22 years old and have come to realize that every women that I get involved with is somehow needing to […]

She Has A Right To know

I live in New Jersey and take the train into NYC for my job. My co-worker lives in NYC and we have a nice rapport with one another. We casually chat about our spouses but I have never met her husband, only seen photos of him on her desk. I recently saw him in my […]

Am I Just Being Naive

My fiance is going to Las Vegas for his friends bachelor party and despite what my girlfriends say about “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” I am not at all worried. Am I being as naive as they tell me I am being ? It is funny how everyone, especially our friends often have […]

I Am Stuck

We are two young professional girls living in a big apartment in the city and only one of us is having a good time. My roommate is out every night with different friends and on the weekends always manages to hook up with some great guy. Then there is me. I am home everyday after work […]

How To Bring Her Comfort

A dear friend of mine has cancer.  She will have surgery soon. What can I say to her that will bring her comfort? I have such a strong feeling that she will be okay. This can be tricky. Sometimes the people in our lives that we care so much about and are experiencing disease and […]

A Great Mystery

Why do people stay in miserable relationships for so long and sometimes forever? Great question! Some people do not even realize that they are miserable and because they have been at it for so long are unaware that there may be something better for them. Oh, they look out into the world and can sometimes […]

Not Another Fling

I met up with a guy last night that I’ve known for over two years but haven’t seen him in almost a year. He had just ended a live-in relationship with someone two weeks ago, although he said he had decided he was “out” of the relationship six months ago. He was sweet and we had […]

Am I Turning Gay

I am a junior in college and for as long as I can remember I have only been interested in guys. I was involved in 2 long term relationships that both ended in friendships. The thing is that lately I have find myself feeling physically attracted to girls. I have friends that are lesbians and […]

Not Always But Sometimes…

Not always, but sometimes I choose foods that are not the healthiest of choices. I know it, because after I eat them, I feel tired. Is this a way that I “don’t take care of myself” or “abuse” myself? I ask because I am trying to attract my ideal mate and I wonder if I am […]

Our Child Is A Bully

We have a big problem with our 12 year old son who has become a regular bully at school. We have been called in to meet with the principal and the school counselor and they are both recommending that we take our son to therapy so that this issue can be addressed. My husband and […]

What Should I Do?

We are empty nesters and my husband does not talk with me. He talks at me and sometimes to me but this is mostly happening when his head is buried in the newspaper, or when he is on his computer or surfing through emails and text messages on his phone. I have suggested to him […]