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Is He Having An Affair

I just found out that my husband of almost 7 years has been having an online long distance relationship with another married women. He promises me that they have never seen each other in person which I actually believe because my husband works from home and does not travel. My question is this? Does his online non physical relationship count as having an affair?

There are no written rules for what constitutes an extramarital affair. Every relationship is different and every couple has their own set of beliefs about what their particular expectations are regarding the marriage. What I find quite often is that couples do not have clear ongoing communication regarding these expectations prior to or during the course of their partnership. Actually each of them have individually made many assumptions about their relationship without ever checking in with their partner. The unveiling of this “affair” seems to be a wonderful opportunity for the two of you to discuss your own individual feelings and beliefs about your marriage. This could be a true blessing in disguise.

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