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Do We All Have A Shot?

I am a successful nice looking 41 year old single man. I go out with a lot of beautiful interesting women but do not feel compelled to start a lasting relationship with any of them. Part of me thinks that I should be more practical because I want to get  married and have a family the more ideal part of me thinks that I can hold out and meet that one special women that I will fall in love with. Do you think that we all have a shot at finding true love in our lives?

I do, I really do think that we all have the opportunity to attract and create many “true love” relationships over the course of our lifetime. I believe that the more contrast that we experience which is something other than that which we are wanting for ourselves, the clearer we become in identifying our desires of what we are wanting more of, for ourselves. You have practiced a lot and by now and you probably know exactly how you are going to feel when you do meet that “special women” that you are thinking of holding out for. I would like to suggest that you consciously bring yourself back around to that feeling place as often as possible. This will help you in two ways. The first being that you will spend a lot more time feeling good and those good feeling thoughts will raise your vibration. The second reason is this, what we focus upon meaning what we think about, is what we attract into our experience. This is not a philosophy this is physics.

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