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New Year’s Eve?

I am a 25 year old professional in the financial world. I work hard and party even harder. I go out most weekends with girlfriends to clubs and bars and just let loose, literally. It is not unusual for me to wake up in a mans bed who I met that evening. My M. O. is that I am up before they are and felling rather satisfied I reach for my cloths and am out the door and back in my apartment before they ever wake up. I usually never find myself thinking about them again. There is nothing about this that I feel bad about and I know that you would say it is because I am in ‘alignment” with myself around it all. However, this New Year’s Eve was different. I went home with a man that I was drinking and dancing with all night long and when I woke up I did not want to leave; in fact I wanted to stay and lay in his arms. I spooked myself and leapt out of bed threw my cloths on and did my usual disappearing act. Here’s the thing, I cannot stop thinking about this man and want to know if I could or should contact him? I have never considered the possibility of waking up in someones bed after having consensual sex with them and beginning any kind of relationship from there.

How very refreshing, a women who is alignment with herself around her sexual desires. This is the thing, you yourself have clearly decided based upon your current belief that it is all right for people to hook up with each other out of sexual desire and that is where it ends. I would suggest that you revisit your beliefs around how people meet when they are interested in creating an interpersonal relationship with one another. You have created rules for yourself that may no longer serve you. Great! Now you can reexamine your thoughts and feelings around this subject as you begin to shifts your thoughts and feelings thus creating a new M. O. for yourself; one that includes the possibility of beginning an interpersonal relationship from a place that you feel connected to yourself, a sexual encounter. You could decide that you are now interested in pursuing a interpersonal relationship and you will choose to stay a little longer in the company of the man, that you from your greatest point of connection with yourself, connected with him. The only rules that exist are the ones that we make for ourselves. Make some new rules for yourself, create alignment with them and you are on your way to whatever and whomever your heart desires.

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