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Making This More Comfortable for Me?

I love my new apartment!   It’s gorgeous, bright, airy, and spacious.   My roommate seems nice enough, but never talks.   If she does, it’s two word answers or just very matter of fact and short.   When we have to communicate over e-mail, she gives the briefest of responses.I’m not sure if she’s moody, curt, or just concise in her expression, but whatever her story is, I want to feel comfortable amidst the silence of us not speaking.  I know it’s ok to not always have talk talk.   But I feel a little uncomfortable and want to feel comfortable when I’m around her. How can I direct my thought to make this more comfortable for me?

The apartment that you have chosen for yourself sounds amazing!  Our feelings of being comfortable or uncomfortable always has more to do with ourselves than  it does with another or in this case your new roommate. I would like to applaud you for attracting a living situation that will assist you in connecting and reconnecting with yourself 24/7. Let me explain- our work here, is not to read another’s mind or monitor their happiness or unhappiness with us or themselves, Our work is to focus our attention on only that which resonates with us in our now and from that connected place, live our lives feeling good as we allow others to feel whatever feels right for themselves. When we feel that we have the power to effect another, we are engaging our ego. Our ego stands up in moments when we are disconnected from ourselves. Check in with yourself when and if you find yourself going to that tentative place regarding how comfortable you are feeling in your own new home. This is simply a reminder that in this moment, hooking yourself back up to you, becomes a most loving and lovely option.

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