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Spicing Up My Sex Life?

What are some fun ways to spice things up in my sex life?

It all begins in our minds. When we are able to put our other thoughts and worries away and allow ourselves to engage in the pleasure of thinking about sex, talking about sex, fantasying about sex we can then begin to reconnect our minds up with our bodies; naturally the sexual and creative juices begin to flow once again. Often it is the forethought and foreplay that truly spices up and fuels our sexual encounters/relationships. Texting, leaving notes for your partner, phone sex, a drop in surprise visit to his or her office wearing only a long coat and nothing underneath. Begin to imagine yourself having an affair with your partner and allow that to fuel your own sexual fantasy and desire. Often tending to ourselves sexually through our own self pleasure is surest way to rekindle our fire with spicy desire.

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