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My Past

I have come a million miles from the sexually, physically and emotionally abusive home that I was raised in. I have severed all ties with both of my parents, have moved to a different state and have spent many, many years finding me again. The last long term relationship that I was in was for 2 years and with a man who had also chosen to permanently severe the ties with his parents. We made a pact with each other early on not to speak about our respective childhoods or family situations. We created a close circle of friends who became our family for the holidays. Our relationship ended some months ago. I have most recently begun dating a wonderful man who has the kind of close and healthy family relationship that I had always dreamed of having as a child. He has asked me repeatedly about my family and my childhood and seems very interested in knowing all about me. How can I possibly allow myself to get close to him without him ever knowing my past?

Your past is irrelevant. You can absolutely focus upon your “now” that you have so gloriously created for yourself. We never, ever have to look back in order to move forward and you my dear have certainly moved forward. Tell this new “wonderful man”, only that which pertains to you and your life since you have rediscovered yourself. He is not really interested in getting to know anything about you except for that brightest of light that is shinning so beautifully inside of you.

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