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Trusted Employee And Friend

I have a longstanding, trusted employee of nearly two decades who gave their termination notice, less than a few days before leave.  My employee is a friend, as well.  Maybe I should say, was.  Our families get together for small and large celebrations.  We do fun things together.  Over what I guess is a long period of time, they took their newly clients from the company to what I just learned is their own, new business.  I have a no-compete clause.  But I do not want to take any legal action.  I am so upset.  They are gone from the company, as of today.  I do not know how to handle so many parts of this situation.  Any ideas would help, since I don’t know even where to begin.

I would like to see you break this situation up into smaller pieces as you begin to untangle your feelings and gain some clarity for yourself about all of this. It sounds as if you are feeling blindsided by your “longstanding, trusted employee of nearly two decades” whom also happens to be your friend. This would be difficult for anyone to wrap their mind around. There is the personal relationship that you have invested yourself in as well as the working relationship. The question that I have for you is this- did you sense any of this as it was unfolding over this long period of time while these new clients were being shifted from your company to theirs? Often times we sense things well before the hard evidence appears and we unconsciously choose to ignore them. I ask you this, not so that you can blame yourself, but instead so that you may become curious for yourself as to how this has occurred, not why, how? When we ask ourselves how, we are opening the door to examining. When we ask our selves why, this leads to a victim mentality and blame of self and others. We do not get very far with that approach.

The good news is that they are gone and you now have the opportunity to reevaluate things for yourself. Things like this just do not happen randomly. They are set into motion by our own series of thoughts and feelings over a period of time. Am I saying that you manifested this mess of a situation? Well, yes but perhaps not consciously; and law of attraction sorts things out all of the time. You are no longer a vibrational match to this friend and employee and the universe has assisted you in addressing this matter. Take a deep breathe and step back from it all and when your heart feels less heavy, become curious about it all and in time you will see the silver lining that lies within this problem as it becomes a golden opportunity.

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