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Missing Someone?

Sometimes if you haven’t seen or spoken to someone, you think of them and “miss” them.  Sometimes that missing can be a reminder of how much fun you have with them.  Sometimes that missing can feel painful. So, what is this “missing” really about?   I think it natural to want to be with someone you enjoy.

O.K. right , but what I am unclear about here is why would remembering how much fun you had with another feel “painful” It makes all of the sense in the world to have someone in your life that you enjoy and those joyful feelings are what fuels the relationship. The absence of the person does not reduce the feelings of joy, in fact they should increase them for you because you have associated the person with feeling good. You can revisit and capture that feeling once again for yourself by simply thinking about them. And, now you have used your partner in joy as your excuse to feel good. When we pine for someone or long for them in a way that creates pain for us I see this as drama. And, drama is all right if you are consciously choosing it. But, drama most often is a accurate indicator for us that we have momentarily disconnected from ourselves and are now using another or others as our excuse to feel disconnected. This sentiment is reflected in so many of the love songs that you may hear. We can actually revisit any experience that felt or feels good to us and recreate those same feelings within ourselves and as we are doing so, vibrationally reconnect with all of our partners in joy.

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