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How Can I Kick This Habit

I sometimes experiences a withdrawal-like feeling when I haven’t spoken to certain people in a few days. Sometimes it can be one or two days, sometimes more. It feels like what I experienced when I quit cigarette smoking many years ago. My nicotine fix was obviously a sort of drug-dependency. So what about this need to verbally connect with people?  Feels like a drug to me. I sometimes am able to connect with them and the “withdrawal” feeling subsides, and sometimes I am not able to connect with them and it feels like a longer time to work through the “withdrawal” effect. What’s your take on this and how can I “kick” this habit?

Withdrawal implies distress as does “this need to verbally connect with people” and what I am wondering is if you have somehow confused your need with what I would call desire? It may be worth your wild to explore how, not why, but how reaching out to “certain people” soothes you back into your connection with yourself. When we reach out to another with the desire that they can assist us in reconnecting with ourselves this can often feel good. However, when we reach out with the “need” to connect the downside of this is that if we allow ourselves to become dependent upon them in order for us to actually reconnect with ourselves; no matter how available they are to us, over time we begin to resent them. I would love to see you become more curious about all the ways that you can turn inward and engage yourself, soothe yourself back into your connection and then from that place reach out with an unconditional desire and connect with others.

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