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Not Another Fling

I met up with a guy last night that I’ve known for over two years but haven’t seen him in almost a year. He had just ended a live-in relationship with someone two weeks ago, although he said he had decided he was “out” of the relationship six months ago. He was sweet and we had a lovely time. There was a strong attraction and although we kissed and it was great, I couldn’t help feeling that I was going to be the “rebound” girl. He said he wasn’t looking for anything “big”. I truly want something “big and wonderful” and not another casual thing. How can I shift my thoughts around so that I can enjoy this man’s company, and not worry about “what will be” and “where this is going”? I just want to have fun, but I also truly want something long-lasting and not another fling.

You could choose to see yourself as either the “rebound” girl or the next best thing that ever happened. You could also continue looking for something “big and wonderful” while you enjoy this man’s company and not worry about  ”what will be” and “where this is going.” I believe that when we attract an opportunity that involves sweetness, strong attraction and there is kissing involved, we should strongly consider going with it for all that it is, without reading anything more into it, allowing ourselves to be in the moment and remaining in the moment. This is actually how you can begin pre-paving the next gratifying experience for yourself; setting into motion the “big and wonderful” with him or someone else. Remember it is always him or someone better.

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