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So Now What

My father beat my mother daily and when I turned 13 I stepped in and called the police. We moved away from my father that year and have not seen him since. I am now 22 years old and have come to realize that every women that I get involved with is somehow needing to be rescued. I have put 2 and 2 together and am very aware of where this attraction to these women come from. So now what?

I have always thought of awareness as a true blessing. Awareness frees us up to make choices for ourselves. So now that you are aware of your own, what I would lovingly call “rescue fantasy” it is up to you. Sometimes awareness is enough for us to say to ourselves that this is what we are choosing for ourselves, in this moment. There is nothing wrong with that. If you would like to begin to attract other kinds of interpersonal relationships, than may I suggest to you that you do a little work vibrationally around the time in your life that you did in fact make the phone call that allowed you and your mother to move away.  Most often going back and reframing a significant event in our life allows us to move along as we tell ourselves the new version of the story that would better serve us, in our now. You may begin by creating a new understanding for yourself about yourself regarding the time that you, with absolute clarity chose to open the door for yourself and your mother in order to move along to a better feeling place both emotionally and physically. Vibrationally speaking, when we can attach a new feeling to an old event that happened in our lives; it lightens our load so to speak and we in essence are creating the most wonderful opportunity for ourselves to step into our new, better feeling story as it reflects us in our life, in our now.

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