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Not Feeling Confident & Sexy

I have been 60 lbs over weight for most of my adult life. Last year on my 37th birthday at the strong suggestion of my MD I began a diet and exercise program and have lost almost all of the weight. My friends and family told me that I was going to have more confidence and feel sexy and I don’t. I actually feel lost and more alone now than I did when I was overweight. What’s up with that?

Losing weight means different things to each of us. As a society we tend to place more emphasis on fat and thin instead of being healthy and having well being. It would be wonderful for you to begin to find your own voice and the meaning for yourself in regard to your almost 60 pound weight lose which perhaps was initiated by you for reasons of health and well being instead of feeling the desire to become more confident and feel sexy. You may choose to take some time and consciously become more aware of how you do feel 60 pounds lighter. This can happen through reconnecting yourself with feelings of self love and appreciation for the gem that you are. This is your journey for you, about you and what an amazing opportunity for you to reconnect with yourself mind, body and soul.

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