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Turning My Dream Into Reality

Hi Jamie. I am a big fan of your website. You make me feel that this is a safe place to share my dream and ask you if there is anything more that I should do before I make it my reality. Here goes: I am tall, skinny and flat as a board. I have been trying to convince my parents to let me get breast implants. This has been my dream since I have been fifteen years old. I just turned twenty-one and I have been saving my hard earned money for this cosmetic procedure.I have done all of the research and fully understand how my body is going to be surgically enhanced. I have gone so far as to buy bras from Victoria Secret and fill them with tissue and wear them in anticipation of how I will look and feel with my new figure. My parents have given me their blessing and have offered to help me post-op. I feel like I have covered all the bases and I am wondering if there is anything else that you can suggest that I need to do to align my dream with my reality?

How wonderfully exciting for you! You have done all of your work manifesting your dream and I sense you to be in perfect alignment with your long awaited desire. Blessings, blessings, blessings.

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