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Career Change

I have been living on my own since leaving my dysfunctional alcoholic mother and her big time loser live in boyfriend. As a straight A student in high school I used to dream about going to college and actually making something of myself. I have been supporting myself by waitressing at a diner in the day and making the most of my natural good looks by cocktail waitressing at night. I would really like to meet someone and start dating but I feel ashamed that I am not doing more to make a better life for myself. I am ready for a career change, hell I am ready for a complete life change. My question is where do I begin?

You have already begun. You have made some very empowering and brave choices for yourself. The first choice was recognizing that you wanted to conduct your life in a different living situation from that of your mother’s. This is exactly what you are doing. You are working two jobs that are providing you with enough income to support yourself as you live independently from your mother and her live in boyfriend. This in itself is something wonderful for you to feel good about. If college is still something that you would like to peruse, may I suggest that you look into the possibility of taking some on line courses. Your local community college is another option for you to consider. As far as wanting to meet someone I would get going on that right away. You are smart, good looking, tremendously brave and very resourceful. I cannot imagine a man that would not be attracted to what you have to bring to the table and I am not referring to food or drink.

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