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Money Worries

I worry about money all the time. When I have money I worry, when I have less money I worry. If it is not about the money, than what is it really about?

You have already figured out the most important part of your worries and that is, it is in fact NOT about the money. What it is about, only you can know. What I would like to suggest to you is this. Try to identify the content of the ongoing conversations that you have with yourself that either creates the worry or comes on as a bi-product of the worry. If you can then begin to identify the tone of this conversation that you are having with yourself and ask yourself if it is in any way familiar to you from your family of origin? We often unconsciously, pick up and take on vibrations or the feelings from other peoples conversations that are not our own. It becomes very important that we come to sort and sift through that content which is our own and that which is not our own but something that we may have unconsciously taken upon ourselves. Once you begin to do this you can start to recreate the relationship that you would like to have with and about money. Your new conversation will be based upon your own very personal and individual views about what money represents to you and how you feel about money as it ties into your life and the relationship that you have with it, in your now. Your new focus will in time begin to replace your worries as you start to identify and internalize a renewed sense about the wonderful resource and energy of money.

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