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Father’s Day

It is almost Father’s Day, that one day that I think to myself ‘so what! Where was that asshole when I was growing up?’ Because I receive a card and phone call from him on every appropriate holiday I find the polite part of myself wanting to return the favor. In the store I read every mushy, gushy make me want to gag ( like anyone really feels these things about their own father? Give me a break will you) Happy Father’s Day cards and I am immediately filled with anger and resistance once again. Can you help me snap out of my reactionary mode and step back into the loving visionary that my mom raised me to be.

You are the loving visionary that you have come here to be, and in this moment you appear to be a bit out of alignment with yourself. No worries. If you insist on buying a store bought card, I would begin in the condolence section. Read all of the cards expressing sympathy for a loss. This is really what you are feeling about your inability to have had your dad around, and yes it is a loss for you and for him. After you have had your fill in that section move along to the Hope You Feel Better section of the cards and cheer yourself up. When you feel sufficiently cheery move right along to the Humor section and read every ridiculous card that was written and laugh until you find yourself doubled over on the floor in that aisle. Now, march yourself right over to the the blank cards. Pick one that you like and purchase it. Go home with your head held high and sit in a space that gives you the most joyous connection to yourself. When you feel ready pull the card out and write three simple words inside the card – Happy Father’s Day

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