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A Brief Intimate Encounter

I had a brief and what for me was an intimate encounter with a man at my EL stop last week. We locked eyes and I felt his energy travel through my entire body, and then he stepped onto his train and was gone. I have never felt anything like this before and am wondering, what was it?

I would like to say that you attracted and were open to receiving the energy of a man who is clearly connected to himself and vibrating at a very high frequency. How lovely for you. The beauty of this ‘intimate encounter’ is the feedback that it gives you about where and how you are vibrating and it appears to be at a high frequency as well. As you step into your own awareness about your own vibrational frequency you can tap into your senses and begin to feel the people around you. Our vibrational frequency is our first point of attraction to others, and others to us. Law of attraction sorts it out every single time. So I can only assume that you will be having many more of these vibrationally high exchanges with others. Enjoy!

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