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Am I Activating Old Stuff

Both of my parents are emotionally cut off from themselves. When I went off to college I found the emotional connection to myself. Over time I slowly learned to trust myself in most of my relationships until now. I am in a long term relationship with a guy who says all the right things and acts the part of being all into me but I cannot feel him. No, I can physically feel him and the sex part is great but its the other thing that I cannot feel. Do you think that this is all in my head and I am activating old stuff?

Thank you for sharing your question. This is such a beautiful example of what is possible for you when you use the contrast from your family of origin to launch your own very personal desires of wanting something different for yourself.  Over time you have slowly learned to trust yourself and there is no turning back now. Believe what you are feeling or in this case not feeling, to be accurate for yourself. What is possible is that you have attracted someone into your experience that feels familiar to you from your family of origin. May I suggest that you take a moment to clean up some vibrational residue that may be lingering. You can do this easily and quickly by going back momentarily revisiting an old situation and reframe it and create a new and better feeling story around it all. The new story is one that feels good when you tell it and it is a refection of you in your now. Your new story is all about trusting yourself because who would know better for you than you? No one!

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