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Reaching Out

When I reach out to help my friends in need I get pulled under and my own life suffers. How can I be there for them and not undermine my stability and self growth?

The interesting thing about helping our friends in need is that we can only be helpful to them if we remain in our stability which most often comes from the connection that we have created with ourselves. When you place your attention upon their difficulty you have disconnected yourself to do so and are then contributing to their difficulty. Think about it, how can you effectively help another from your greatest point of weakness, your disconnected self? The surest way to help your friends is to remain in your powerful place of connection where your vibration is high. Your connected presence is what will assist them the most with their difficulty. No one can pull you under, and you can use your friends as your greatest excuse to either separate yourself from you or they can become the very reason why you are choosing to remain in your connection where you feel the most inspired to tap into your ongoing self growth.

Free Will

If you believe that we all have free will then what is the value of going to a fortune teller or a psychic reader?

There are many reasons that people seek spiritual guidance. I believe that we are all born with a knowing. Choosing to access this knowing is what gives each and every one of us our inner guidance. We often seek guidance, spiritual or other types of guidance when we are not trusting what we are intuitively feeling and sensing. We are looking for confirmation about something that we actually already know. We bring that knowing with us to every psychic, tarot, tea leaf and any other type of reading. It is then and there that our knowing is interpreted by those who are more open to receiving the information in that moment than you are.  I personally feel blessed to be one of those receivers as I surround myself with an endless number of spiritual teachers. We are here to gently and lovingly guide you back to yourselves and our own sense of intuitive knowing as this is where your free will resides.

My Parents Marital Issues

After I graduated from college last year I landed the most incredible job. My parents set me up in a very chic two bedroom apartment that they bought as an investment in Manhattan. At their insistence I pay almost nothing in rent and they come into the city now and then and spend the weekend with me. This arrangement has been ideal until last week. I received a frantic phone call from my mother. She has finally decided to leave my father after 27 years of ‘marital bliss’ and move in with me. My parents have always had an interesting relationship that with great regularity consisted of arguments about my fathers supposed indiscretions. I have been hearing these arguments my whole life and have chosen not to allow myself to listen to a word of them so I could maintain great relationships with both of my parents, and I have. How can I be supportive of my moms decision without becoming involved in my parents marital issues.

First of all I would like to commend you on your choice early on not to become involved in your parents marital issues.  This has indeed allowed you to develop and maintain  great relationships with both of them. Let your mom know how much you love her and that you respect whatever decision that she feels she needs to make for herself at this time. Then help her understand how much you cherish the relationships that you have cultivated with her and your father over the years, explaining that nothing is more important to you than that. Encourage her to look within for the answers to her own questions and to trust herself because who would know better for her than herself. Reassure her that you are there to emotionally support her without wanting to know and or understand the details that led up to her decision to move in with you. We can always be there for the people we love without ever needing to understand what has lead them up to the choices that they have made for themselves.

Cannot Compete With Pornography

I have run out of ways to hold my boyfriends attention in the bedroom. I know that this is my issue and you are probably going to say that I am being insecure but I cannot compete with all the pornographic sites that I find him perusing. How can I trump something that is not even real

Love your question and you cannot, so take a breathe and let us rethink this. The power of pornography is that it is NOT real and it is never, ever, a satisfying substitute for a real relationship between people. The only competition that you currently have is with your own self doubting thoughts about the sexual goddess that you really are. Yes, you are real and when you allow yourself to remain connected to you, your energy sexual or otherwise is what naturally keeps you in that good feeling place. This is the place where you hold the affection for yourself and the attention and affection of your boyfriend. Men go crazy for a confident connected woman. Hook yourself back up to you and step back into your most desirable self because nothing trumps the real you!

What Is The Point Of Honesty

Why should we tell the truth if we know that it is going to cause the person pain and potentially put an end to an important relationship?

This is an interesting question. I believe that it is important that we be honest and open with ourselves first and foremost. It is this ongoing relationship that we develop with ourselves that ultimately sets the tone for every other relationship that we then go on to have with another. At the end of the day we have only ourselves to answer to. If you feel as though it is right for you to be honest with yourself and not another than this is your truth and the honest thing for you is to live that truth. Our feelings are our greatest indicators to us. When we chose to be tuned into ourselves, we can depend upon them to honestly guide us toward creating the perfect alignment around every subject. This is how we come to know our truth.

He Found Our Stash

My husband and I smoke marijuana recreationally. Yesterday our 14 year old son found our stash and confronted us asking if it was all right for him to smoke marijuana? We responded by saying that when he becomes an adult he can make that choice for himself. Should we have responded differently to our sons question?

This must have been difficult for you and your husband and It sounds like you handled your 14 year olds sons question appropriately. Please encourage your son to come and talk with you and your husband if he has any questions or concerns regarding his discovery.

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