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She Is Reading A Sex Trilogy

My wife reads a lot and I usually do not give much thought to her reading selections but this book has really gotten my attention. Not only is she reading a sex trilogy she wants me to blind fold her with my tie take her over my knee and spank her and then have kinky […]

As Her Father And A Christian?

I just found out that my teenage daughter has been engaging in prostitution to support herself and her two year-old child. As her father (and a christian), I am mortified by the thought of my little girl selling her body and her soul. I am naturally very concerned about the effects this will have on […]

Giving Head

I love giving head.   With some men, it takes a very long time for them to cum, if at all.   Do you feel that, I, as a partner, should make it my job for them to cum, or just keep at it until it doesn’t feel fun anymore?    I’d prefer to switch it up, just […]