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Life Long Issue With Weight

My mother has been battling with her weight for as long as I have been alive and old enough to be aware of it which was age 5. I am now 32 years old. She has tried every diet known to man kind. This is my confusion, every time my mom begins to have some […]

Allowing Parents

My parents were very strict and controlling with both myself and my siblings. I was the black sheep of the family. I broke free and became somewhat wild throughout my teen age years. I knew that I was going to trust my own children and let them be free to experience life. My husband and […]

Vivid Dreams

My mother had a peaceful transition six months ago. For the past week I have been having vivd dreams. In these dreams it seems as if she is trying to tell me something. I wake up in the night in a cold sweat completely freaked out. Is it possible that she is trying to tell […]

Taking Their Own Life

Why would someone who has everything, a loving family, financial stability and more friends then god take their own life? It is one of the most difficult things for the people who have been left behind to wrap their minds and hearts around. I believe that each and every one of us come into this […]

My 10 Year Old Daughter

My daughter is 10 years old, in fifth grade and is very much her own person. She does not appear interested in what the ”popular girls” are wearing or what they are doing socially on the weekends. She floats in and out of different groups without a best or close friend and seems very happy […]

So Now What

My father beat my mother daily and when I turned 13 I stepped in and called the police. We moved away from my father that year and have not seen him since. I am now 22 years old and have come to realize that every women that I get involved with is somehow needing to […]

Our Child Is A Bully

We have a big problem with our 12 year old son who has become a regular bully at school. We have been called in to meet with the principal and the school counselor and they are both recommending that we take our son to therapy so that this issue can be addressed. My husband and […]

Shocked And Ashamed

I am shocked.  I feel ashamed.  I am well known in a popular industry and stunned to find that my son, a “hunk” in another big medium, got fully unclothed and aroused on a well-watched show.  By all appearances there was no stand-in person.  I want nothing to do with my son, the show, and […]

My 15 Year Old Daughter

My 15 year old daughter is bright, beautiful and has a good head on her shoulders. The group of friends that she is running with these days are all beginning to experiment with marijuana. I totally trust her but am wondering if I should talk to her and if so what should I say? How […]

As Her Father And A Christian?

I just found out that my teenage daughter has been engaging in prostitution to support herself and her two year-old child. As her father (and a christian), I am mortified by the thought of my little girl selling her body and her soul. I am naturally very concerned about the effects this will have on […]

What Should I Say To Her?

My spouse of 7 years surprised me when, after I got sick, she took care of our kids and me for the week.  I mean totally.  For the life of me I never imagined this could happen.  She does a wonderful job managing our kids, and she has repeatedly said our 2 are all she […]

Why Do I Do This?

Why do I find myself doing the same things to others that were done to me by my father that I swore to myself I would never do? What we know is not who we are. Our experiences with and from our family of origin often becomes what we know and most often has little […]

Estranged From My Grown Children

My grown kids haven’t spoken to me in 2 years, as the holidays approach I get very sad they are not in my life. How am I going to get through the next 2 weeks? Any suggestions? I can imagine how difficult this is for you. Please understand that It can only be their own disconnection from […]

How Can I Tell My Kids Without Worrying Them?

I wish to let my kids know that I missed my payment arrangements for Medicare at the bank.  I was ill on the day I was supposed to go there.  Medicare is my only insurance.  It has been six months now.  I no longer have it.  I pay for my pills and appointments with cash. […]

How Can I Parent Her?

My daughter can be so happy & open one minute and disrespectful with a bad tone in her voice the next. Usually she will turn nice if she wants something. Then when I try to help her organize herself so she can study better for tests or projects she turns nasty. It seems that past experiences […]

My New Sexual Identity

I am recently divorced, with primary custody of our teenagers, and I do not know how to let my former spouse and teens know that I identify myself as bisexual.  This is new for me as well as for them.  Please advise.  Thank you! I would like to suggest to you that before you discuss […]

A United Front for the Kids?

My husband and I have very different ways of thinking about everything including how to parent our 9 and 11 year old children. We have long ago given up on creating a united front for them and have simply allowed our children to come to each of us individually based upon their needs to get […]