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All Consumed?

I am consumed with a women that does not even know that I exist. We work together in the same large office and I spend a fair amount of time finding any excuse possible to pass by her desk on the way to the break room which is also on the way to the bathroom and copy room. I think about her before work at work and after work and I cannot even bring myself to beginning a conversation with her. I have run through every scenario possible in my mind about our beginning a relationship and when it is all said and done I have completely talked myself out of it. Can you help me?

‘Yes!’ It is a common problem that we may all have experienced at one time where the conversation that we are intending to have with another goes no farther than the one we are actually only having with ourselves. The thing is, that we do not even give the other person an opportunity to participate in the dialogue. If your assumption is that you will be rejected and this is the reason that you cannot bring yourself to speak with this women, you may want to check in with yourself  regarding your own feelings about yourself. Listen, if you have already convinced yourself that she is going to reject you and you have played that out over and over than what is the difference, really? It is not like she can reject you in a worser way than that which you have already created for yourself in your own mind. I say, when you are ready, get out of your head step into your life and at least let this women know that not only do you exist but you would also like to have a cup of coffee with her some time. You have more to gain here than to lose. If she says yes than you have a coffee date and if she says no, then you can move on and allow yourself to be “consumed” with something or someone else.

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