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Their Choices Have Consequences

How do we as parents make our children understand that the choices they make today have consequences that will effect their entire lives?

I do not believe that we can make our children do anything. What I do believe is that we can assist our children in tuning into themselves and trusting themselves to make the best decisions for themselves moment by moment. We as parents can do this by continually reminding our children that they know what is best for themselves. This gives our children the message that we trust them and they can trust themselves. I also do not believe that our choices have consequences. I do however believe that our choices have outcomes. If we operate out of fear of having consequences we are not able to really tune into and be guided by our inner-being, inner-knowing. When we are able to tune in and be guided we make the best decisions for ourselves in that moment and then on to the next choice in the next moment. Our life becomes a series of moments in which we can make choices that have outcomes for the next moment.

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