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Searching For My Place In This Lifetime

Do think that we are all here to do or be something special. I am searching to find my place and purpose in this lifetime. Would you offer me some guidance?

Yes, I do believe that we all come here in physical to have a spiritual experience. I also believe that each and every one of us is special in our own way. Because of our uniqueness and when we are choosing to be connected to ourselves we are always contributing something special first to ourselves and then to the world around us. I also believe that we are our own greatest resource and we have access to infinite intelligence. We are all love and light and when we tap into ourselves and learn to trust ourselves we begin to feel our way. We may have many teachers and outside influences but ultimately this is an inside and most amazing journey and the purpose of this life of ours is joy, joy and more joy which is found through our connection to and appreciation of, ourselves and all others.

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