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It Is True What They Say

It is true what they say “where ever you go there you are” I keep taking my same old patterns to every new situation whether it be a relationship, job or new living situation.¬†How can I break this predictable and unwanted path that I am on?

Yes it is true, where ever we go here we are. May I suggest that you begin by identifying all of the positive aspects that you have created for yourself within your old patterns. These would be every part of everything that you do that feels good in the process and ultimately results in a positive outcome. I am willing to bet that this list is going to be quite long and surprisingly detailed. This is your new focus and the basis for consciously creating your newly desired path. What we focus upon is what we create for ourselves and most often it is the unwanted aspects that people tend to focus upon and continue creating for themselves as they move along from situation to situation. These days are now over for you if you can make the conscious choice to focus only on that which you are wanting to create for yourself. The sky is the limit!


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