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I Feel Anxious

I feel anxious all the time. I cannot attribute these troublesome feelings to anything specific however these feelings are very familiar to me and I am sick and tired of living like this. I know that medication is available for what is called Generalized Anxiety Disorder which is probably my clinical diagnosis but I do not want to become dependent on medicine. I don’t even take aspirin. Anyway, how would you suggest that I go about controlling these anxious feelings?

Anxiety comes from our underlying feelings of uneasiness of the mind that is usually caused by fear (rational or otherwise) and translates into feelings of apprehension that in turn creates psychic tension within ourselves. It is entirely possible that these oh so familiar feelings of anxiety have nothing to do with you and are simply vibrations that you have picked up along the way from your family of origin. The beauty of this is that you have identified, for yourself, that you are “sick and tired of living like this” and this very clear statement comes from a strong desire that you now have access to. Our greatest desires are most often launched from the contrast that we have been living. Now comes the fun stuff. You, yes you in your now, have the power to identify when and if you are feeling anxious and if you cannot clearly attribute these feelings to anything that is happening in your conscious mind then you may give yourself permission to assume that it is not yours to have and to hold. Even if you cannot identify whose it is, it is not yours. Move beyond the familiar and begin to tap into what you are thinking and feeling in this and every moment. Soothe yourself back into connection with yourself and allow yourself to be guided by your own vibrational well-being.

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