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Looking For Love

I am looking for a loving, spiritually connected, financially abundant, handsome, and all around great man to spend my life with. All of my married and unmarried friends say ‘good luck with that.’ I refuse to go to that place they all call the ‘real world’ of relationships. I want to attract this man into my experience without settling for less. Is this realistic?

Yes! You have already laid the groundwork for this very clear vision of the “great man” that you are wanting to spend your life with. You have done so by experiencing all of the contrast that you have lived in the real world of relationships already, and from this you have identified your new and very clear desires. What I would like to suggest to you is that you create a profile for yourself as to exactly what you are looking for in a relationship. I would then pick a few online dating sites and post your profile. Your profile will be about what you are looking for as it will NOT be about who you are. Then wait and see whom you attract. This will be important information for you because who you do attract from these online sites will assist you in understanding if you are in vibrational alignment with your clear desires. This information is invaluable to you. Initially you may attract a man who has one or more of these qualities but not others. What this means is that you may have some work to do in coming into alignment ( thoughts and feelings as one) around some of the other desires that you have identified. Keep throwing your pole out there as you create the vibrational alignment that will support the relationship of your dreams.

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