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I Never Feel Like I Am Enough

I really struggle with feeling like I am enough. Everything that I have accomplished I thought I was doing for myself but I always seem to be looking for recognition from others, especially my father. He expects everything from me that I expect from myself but I just want to feel like he is proud of me. I hear it from his friends and from other members of our family but never from the one person that I need it from in order to feel like I am enough. How can I make things right with myself without his recognition?

These types of feelings can be difficult to navigate. We play a dangerous game with ourselves when we become dependent upon how others think and feel about us and our accomplishments in order to feel complete within ourselves or like we are in fact “enough.” It becomes especially difficult when we are wanting recognition from our parents or in your case your father. When we have the conscious ability to internalize our own successes we begin to feel less dependent upon others approval and their recognition. I would like to suggest that you begin to embrace and internalize all you have come to be with the absolute knowing that you are always enough and you are ever expanding in your desire to become more. This expansion comes from within and you will  come to understand that there is no greater feeling than knowing that you in your most connected state of expansion have and will continue to, create your every desire for you; not for your father and not for any others.

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