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A Open Sexual Relationship

I thought that I could be all open and shit and handle a open sexual relationship with this girl that I have been seeing. It was all fine and good until I would run into her and she was with another guy. I am pissed at myself for not being secure enough to handle this kind of open sexual relationship. How can I work through my insecurities and become the man that I thought I could be?

The first thing that I would like to see you do is to check in with yourself as you begin exploring your own beliefs around what it means to you to be in an “open sexual relationship” with another. It is very possible that this kind of relationship is “fine and good” in theory yet does not resonate with you and your inner being. This has not a thing to do with your insecurities and it has everything to do with trusting the relationship that you have with yourself. If after you explore your own beliefs and feel that this is something you would like to see yourself a part of, it then becomes a matter of creating alignment. Getting into alignment with any subject is about lining up our thoughts and feelings as one. When we are connected to ourselves and open to receiving information in the form of emotions about what resonates with our inner being we feel good. We can always shift our beliefs as our beliefs come from the thoughts that we have practiced ourselves into. Tune into yourself and allow yourself to be guided to wherever you want to go with this and you will clearly know because what ever you decide about yourself and the future of the relationships you would like to have or not have, it will feel good to you. This is always our most accurate indicator that we have closed the gap between where we are and who we are.

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