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An Inside Job

I look outside of myself as a way of gauging my feelings. If it is a sunny day and the stock market is up then I feel great. If however my girlfriend or my mother is upset with me I do not feel so good. My self esteem comes from how much I am valued where I work and I work hard to retain that value. I know that it is an inside job but how do I get in and what will I do once I am there?

What a great question! It is this exact question that grants you VIP access into the most unconditionally loving place ever, your inner-being. Welcome. Have no fear as you are officially home. This safe and loving place is where you will begin to direct your attention inward as you explore your own thoughts and feelings. You will find out very quickly how the two are completely interrelated. As you begin to become acquainted with your own inner voice, you will have feelings about the conversations that you find yourself having with yourself. These are private conversations and are not in any way related to how the outside world is interacting with you. It is like having an imaginary friend to turn to. In time you will come to be your own best friend; someone who you can count upon and trust as you sort through your own thoughts and the feelings that you allow yourself to associate with those thoughts. Your inner being, inner knowing will always be there to guide and direct you and it is always up to you whether you choose to tap into your own guidance from moment to moment or not. Imagine the freedom of never again being dependent upon another for how you are choosing to feel about yourself.

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