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Lying And Cheating

My husband has been lying and cheating on me for god knows how long. How could I be so stupid to think that he could stay faithful to me with a job that takes him jet-setting around the globe? Now what?

There are many ways that you can begin to process your disheartening discovery. The question that you must ask yourself first is this. Would you like to focus upon the past, what has happened; the present, how you are feeling in this moment or your future? How you allow yourself to think about your current and most difficult situation will determine how you are going to feel throughout this process. Most often we have no control over our situation yet we always have control over how we are choosing from moment to moment to feel about our current situation.The other question that you may want to gently ask yourself is, who are you going to make this about? Is it going to be about your husband or yourself or your children if you have them?  All of your power is going to come from your ability to remain connected to yourself as you make moment to moment decisions about how you would like to feel as you navigate these choppy waters. I would like to suggest that you use this new contrast to create clarity for yourself. If you are going to loose yourself in anger, self pity or feelings of revenge, then choose them and own them instead of allowing yourself to be consumed by them. When you are ready, ask yourself the important questions and carefully listen to yourself for the answers. Trust yourself and be open to receiving the necessary information that will guide you back to your inner knowing, as this is where every answer lays, patiently awaiting your return.

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