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Why Do I Keep Attracting Mr. Wrong

Why do I keep attracting the wrong man? I let them in my life, then they throw mean and hurtful things in my face. And they use my honesty against me. My latest is harassing me with phone calls. He won’t stop even after he’s been warned by the police. Another, is with me only when its convenient for him.  Am I the one who’s disconnected or is it them? If its me how do I get connected, and start meeting the right one?

In the most loving way I would like to say and this goes for everyone, the life that you are living in this moment is a direct and most accurate reflection of your thoughts and feelings in this moment. That being said, I believe that this may be a glorious opportunity for you to address you and the relationship that you would like to have with yourself. Is it possible that this relationship with yourself is one that you have been sidestepping for a long time? The good news is that the answers to all of your concerns begin and end with the relationship that you are creating with yourself moment by moment. When you are feeling the most connected to yourself you will not just let men into your life experience, you will begin to invite men into your life experience. Set aside all that has been and all that currently is and focus exclusively on how you would like to be treated in a relationship with another and then begin treating yourself that way first and foremost. You will then and only then set the tone for every other relationship that you go on to have as you begin to attract others who clearly reflect back to you the love and light of your truly amazing, divine self.

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