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Attracting A Bad Situation

If I attracted a bad situation into my experience and this is a reflection of where I am vibrationally then how do I get out of it?

I do not believe that there are any bad vibrations nor do I believe that there are any bad situations. What I do believe is that we come here with the purest of vibrations and along our way we experience contrast. Contrast is anything and everything that is not resonating with our inner being- inner knowing. It is only from this contrast that we can than identify preferences for ourselves from which we begin to launch our desires. Clarity is what directs us toward that which we are wanting for ourselves, our desires. I would like to direct you toward your clarity and ask you to put your full attention upon that without worrying at this time about how your vibration may have brought you to this moment. There is a time and place to identify and clean up vibrational residue. I have found that when we are choosing to focus upon where we are instead of where we would like to be, we as humans can get bogged down in the privacy of our minds, like forever. Move toward that which you now know feels like the improved version of your story, for you. This shift will facilitate you in creating and shaping your new vibration which is always a reflection of how you are feeling in your now.

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