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Who Is Jamie Lerner?

Jamie Lerner can put a fresh spin on just about anything that anyone throws her way. Her unique and masterful ability to re-frame even the most difficult situations is astounding. All of a sudden your biggest nightmare becomes your greatest pleasure as she lovingly helps you sift through the contrast and find that small opening of light that quickly becomes your greatest jumping off point for clarity. Unassuming, reassuring and seemingly without any sense of ego, Jamie Lerner is able to put everyone and everything at ease.

Jamie is a cast member on the Living Consciously cable TV show, which is now going into its sixth season. She has appeared on numerous talk radio and podcast shows. She is also the co-author of the book The Ever-Loving Essence of You. Visit Jamie Lerner’s website for more information about her, and follow her on Facebook¬† and Twitter to read her daily inspirational¬† posts.