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She Has A Right To know

I live in New Jersey and take the train into NYC for my job. My co-worker lives in NYC and we have a nice rapport with one another. We casually chat about our spouses but I have never met her husband, only seen photos of him on her desk. I recently saw him in my neighborhood near my house with another women. They were holding hands and kissing. I cannot believe it. My question is what do I do with this information. She has a right to know, doesn’t she?

This is a bit tricky. First of all it must have been very uncomfortable for you when you saw your co-workers husband with another women in your own neighborhood in New Jersey. We as women tend to become protective of other women when it comes to the issues surrounding fidelity. However, and I say this in the most loving way, this is none of your concern. Your co-worker does have a right to know about her husbands other interests and in time will do so in her own way. The most important thing that you can do for yourself at this time, is to remain focused upon your own situation with your husband and address any feelings that may be coming up for you, with yourself. Your co-worker is not a victim. We, each and everyone of us attract every single experience into and out of our lives. You have no idea what her situation is and until she shares it with you, it should not concern you. Judgement of others disconnects us from ourselves. I would love to see you use this situation as an ongoing opportunity for you to remain connected to yourself.

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