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My 10 Year Old Daughter

My daughter is 10 years old, in fifth grade and is very much her own person. She does not appear interested in what the ”popular girls” are wearing or what they are doing socially on the weekends. She floats in and out of different groups without a best or close friend and seems very happy with herself. I was taken by surprise last week when her home room teacher called me to ask how my daughter is holding up from all the teasing that she has been receiving over the past few weeks from a few of the “popular girls’ in her class and to assure me that the school is aware of the issue and addressing it. My daughter has never mentioned a word about this to me and seems totally fine. I would know if something like this was upsetting her. When I did ask her about it she said, “Oh mom they don’t mean it” My question is this. Do I encourage her to talk more about this or wait until my daughter comes to me and has identified this as a real problem for herself?

How refreshing, a mother who recognizes and appreciates her daughters individuality and happiness with herself. This could only come from your own clear and loving connection with your own self. You wait and allow your daughter to do what she does best, navigate for herself from within. She will come to you, if and when this becomes a real problem for her and at that time she will also be able to tell you how it is that you can assist her; and you will be there to do just that.

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