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People Pleaser

I am and have always been a “people pleaser.” I hear my own inner voice but I do not listen to it often. I am afraid that if I am true to myself that I will end up all alone. How can I become true to myself without setting other peoples needs aside.

This is an interesting question. The best news ever is that you hear your own inner voice even though you do not listen to it often. The thing is that if you are temporarily choosing to turn your back on your self which is what you are doing when you choose not to listen to your inner voice, then you are in essence disconnecting from yourself. It is not possible to authentically meet another person’s needs when we are disconnected from ourselves. If you could begin listening to your own inner being more often and reconnecting with your true self you will never feel alone, and you will be so much more available to assist other people with their needs. It is actually a win win for all

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