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Vibrations That Are Not Our Own

What do you do when you know that you have picked up vibrations that are not your own?

I love your question. We all have actually unconsciously picked up all kinds of vibrations from our family of origin that are not our own and have little to do with us. It is a wonderful opportunity for us, as we begin with loving curiosity to sift and sort through these vibrations. When we can identify those vibrations that we have taken on but are surly not ours, it becomes very freeing for us. It then allows us to focus upon our own vibrational frequency which always comes from our conscious and unconscious thoughts. Just because you have taken it on it does not mean that it is yours. If the vibration resonates with you, which is different then being familiar to you; then it is yours. Familiar is not enough to seal the deal, it must resonate with you in your now. If it is yours and you have carried it from another time and place in your life, it then becomes quite easy to go back and quickly clean it up. It is almost impossible to clean up another s vibration. This is where the importance of sifting and sorting comes in.

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