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Ongoing Desires

Can you help me understand the difference between my ongoing desires and what other people perceive as my inability to be satisfied?

Desire is the jumping off point for everything that we create for ourselves. It is the seed of every thought that we have. Nothing can occur without our desire whether it be a conscious or unconscious desire. There is no end to that which we have a desire to create for ourselves. If we need something then we create a desire to achieve and or attain it. We ask for guidance through prayer all the time and that is a desire as is our desire to become more connected to ourselves and others. There is no distinction between desires and if someone tries to impose this upon you or you are choosing to impose this upon yourself, well that becomes a judgement. As far as I am concerned the desire from that thought is one of feeling bad about yourself or another. We can be completely satisfied with one desire as we are inspired to create the next. Creating one does not in any way diminish what you have already created. When we become satisfied or dissatisfied this is usually when we feel the most inspired and our new desires are launched.

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