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Fantasy Land

I am very concerned about my college roommate who also happens to be my BFF. She spends all of her free time in some kind of fantasy land. We are not talking about your run of the mill daydream here, this is outright fantasy. The things that she thinks about is beyond anything that could ever happen for girls like us. I guess that is why it is called fantasy land. But let’s get real here. We are about to graduate and what is waiting for us out there is no party. She is in deep and really needs to snap out of it. Please advise.

Your roommate and BFF is very lucky to have you looking out for her best interests. When we allow ourselves to engage in the unrestricted use of our imagination or what you are referring to as fantasy, we are actually planning for future events by launching our desires. It is my belief that when we fantasize about anything, we are in an active state of manifestation. Simply stated the physical manifestation or experience of anything is the result from the thoughts that we have been thinking about and what we have been focusing upon. By doing this we place ourselves in harmony with our desires. When you understand this to be true you can begin to see how certain opportunities and experiences have entered your own life as a clear and accurate reflection of your thoughts. My advise to you would be to focus upon yourself with the clear knowing that what we think about is what we attract into our own experience and the deeper your BFF is in the better the outcome will be for her.

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