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The Mantra In Our House

When I was growing up the mantra in our house was “be happy with what you have”. I have always been happy and always wanted more of everything for myself and my family. My parents saw me as an ungrateful only child and discouraged my desire to want more. As an adult I have become successful in the financial world and feel tremendous pride in my ability to support myself in a very nice lifestyle. I continually reach out to my parents extending myself and my resources to them and they want nothing to do with me. It is very confusing and hurtful that they continue to rebuff me. What could I have possibly done to offend them? I love them both so much and just want them to have everything that they have ever wanted. Help!!!!

I can certainly understand your confusion and feelings of hurt by your parents rebuffing of you. I do not believe that you have done anything to offend them and you have every right to be proud of what you have created for yourself. Your desire to share yourself and your resources with your parents comes from such a loving and generous place. You are not responsible for your parents reaction to you and without them telling you directly you may never know the real reason. What you are responsible for, is remaining true to how you feel about them. In doing so you cannot allow those feelings to remain contingent on their approval or disapproval of you and what you are doing or not doing. Focus upon yourself and the unconditional love that you feel for them because that is who you are and who you have always been. Let them know that you love them dearly and you will never give up wanting them to be a part of your life and you will always want them to have everything that they have ever wanted for themselves.


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