Wished for and most welcome

My Wife

My wife is a devout follower of Abraham Hicks and you of course. She takes complete responsibility for her own happiness and never comments on my perpetual state of unhappiness. I feel bad about myself when I consider the lack of contribution that I make to her internal happy state of being. My greatest fear is that some day she will, as you might say “vibrate out of my life all together”. Do these things really happen?

Well, we do vibrate into and out of our experiences and relationships all day long. The more important question here is, what keeps you in this relationship? Maybe your real fear is that you will tire of being with someone that does take responsibility for her own happiness. Maybe you are having a difficult time finding your place in your marriage. I can tell you one thing about your wife, she is in your marriage because she chooses to be. It is possible that she can feel something wonderful within you that you are not choosing to see or feel within your self. It happens all the time; people that are connected and happy with themselves only choose to see the brightest and the best in others. It sounds like you are the other.

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