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Lost in Expectation


I find myself  judging everyone and wanting them to be more like myself- polite, communicative and respectful. Is this really asking so much of the human race?

It is my belief that we have not come here to change anyone. What we have come here to do is relax into the essence of who we are forever becoming. What I find to be true is that when we are choosing to ask our ego to kindly step down and resume our connection to ourselves as we guide ourselves with our inner knowing, we feel good. We can only do this for ourselves and not for another. When we feel good we are not concerned as to what others are doing, what others are saying and how they are acting. We are clear about ourselves and this clarity comes from within ourselves. The good feeling place that we are in resonates within us and out from us, and we begin to attract others that are feeling similarly true to themselves. We begin to more clearly see the positive aspects of everything and everyone and this is our path to personal freedom. Everybody gets to do it their own way and low and behold the law of attraction sorts it out every single time. So, I would like to suggest to you that you focus upon you and only you and get back to your good feeling place where I am quite certain you will begin to attract many, many others

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