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Getting Our Needs Met

If we only have unconditional relationships with people how on earth do we ever get our needs met?

The way that you have asked this question leads me to belive that you believe that our needs are meant to be met by others. I have a different senseability about this. Our choice to unconditionally love, give, receive, share, know and trust ourselves and others is how we meet all of our own needs. The most important relationship that we will have and go on to have is the one that we create with ourselves. This relationship sets the tone for everything everywhere all of the days of our lives. So, if you can buy into this sensability  and wrap your mind around the concept of all without any conditions, giving and receiving with both hands, an open mind and a open heart no exception, you may begin to understand the power that you have stepped into. We let everyone off of the hook allowing them to be whom they are, which completely frees us up to kindly ask our ego to step down as we remain connected to ourselves. We create alignment with our desires and live out our dreams unconditionally without exception.

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