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It Is All About The Sex

It is not all about the sex, but it is all about the sex. Every since that starry summer night when my totally hot 18 year old neighbor sweetly introduced me to sex (upon my request) I have used sex as the emotional gateway to the connection with myself. It is the sex that drives me in every relationship that I have. I feel like an addict because I need the sex to reconnect me with me. Is there another way?

Of course there is and what a beautiful way for you to have been introduced to such a loving act. Your request of your 18 year old neighbor could only have come from the emotional connection with yourself first. You most definitely trusted your inner guidance and desire which led you to reach out with a level of trust of yourself first that you then extended to your “totally hot” neighbor. You are connected to yourself and you have somehow misunderstood your own powerful connection which is what you actually bring to your sexual experiences and not the other way around. Now that being said, as the powerfully connected goddess that you are, you may choose to extend your connection and share yourself with another or keep it for yourself with the knowing that it is you that reconnects you with you and the sex is just the cherry on the top.

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