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Feeling Lonely Most Of The Time

I feel lonely most of the time. I go through the motions at my job and with my friends but It all seems pointless. I have thought about what I am doing here and nothing really comes to mind. If this is going to be my life I am not sure that I want to go on. I guess I am stuck can you help?

I would really like to try and help you. What you are describing to me sounds like a temporary state of disconnection from yourself and what you appear to be experiencing are the classic feelings that go along with this disconnected state of being. What this means is that you have momentarily turned your back upon yourself and lost sight of where you are. I have really good news for you. Your inner being has not lost sight of you. Your inner being and inner knowing will never turn its back on you. It is your guiding light of unconditional love and acceptance and it is waiting for you to reach out in the smallest of ways and slowly begin closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be. The new question that you could begin asking yourself is, what would you like to be doing here? This question may allow you to begin to think about yourself with a sense of curiosity. When we allow ourselves to become curious about ourselves the process creates a wonderful opening for self reflection without any sense of judgement. This is the language that your inner being-inner knowing speaks and understands. This is how you can slowly begin to close the gap from where you are to who you are. When we reconnect with ourselves it feels so good because it feels like we have come home. You are just a question away which will lead to a thought which will lead  to a feeling that will assist you in reconnecting you with yourself. Please remember “stuck” is only a moment in time and it only takes a moment to make a shift from where you are to getting back to who you are.

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