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She Is Reading A Sex Trilogy

My wife reads a lot and I usually do not give much thought to her reading selections but this book has really gotten my attention. Not only is she reading a sex trilogy she wants me to blind fold her with my tie take her over my knee and spank her and then have kinky sex with her. My wife doesn’t even like it when we have regular sex and she has never allowed me to spank our children even when I thought they most needed to be. What the hell is happening. Is every women in America who is reading this trilogy gone completely crazy?

I assume that you are referring to E.L. Jame’s “Fifty Shades Of Grey” trilogy. I have been receiving many questions similar to yours over the past few weeks by both married and single men. It is interesting to me because I would have thought that this sexual awakening in women would really please most men out there and yet it has had the opposite effect. Most men are feeling intimidated. That being said, how do you feel about a little kinky sex play in your bedroom with your wife? This is the question that you could be asking yourself. Hey it could really spice things up for the two of you. If nothing else the conversation alone could be most titillating!

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